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2003 – Power Play

//2003 – Power Play
Tenor: Don Slamka
Lead: Michael Slamka
Bass: Jack Slamka
Bari: Mark Slamka

Nothing can compare with the Power of family. Power Play consists of a father, his two sons, and his nephew.

Jack Slamka, the father, sings bass and is a 30-year member of the Society. Michael, his son, sings lead and is a 20-year member of the Society. Don, the nephew, sings tenor and is a 17-year member of the Society. Mark, the other son, sings baritone and is a 15-year member of the Society.

Power Play was formed in 1988, and won the Pioneer (Michigan) District quartet championship in the fall of 1989.

They competed in international competition a dozen times (six in the top 10) and finally won in 2003 in Montreal.

This quartet proves that the family that Plays together stays together.


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