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2005 – Realtime

//2005 – Realtime
Tenor: Tim Broersma
Lead: John Newell
Bass: Tom Metzger
Bari: Mark MetzgerThe Realtime quartet story is an ordinary one. Four guys who love to sing being drawn together by fate. But this story has an extraordinary ending.

It all began in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as two brothers Mark (bari) & Tom Metzger (bass) grew up singing together following in their father’s footsteps,Charlie. They were a matched set in every quartet thru the years; The Edge, Sonic Boom and Counterpoint.

Around the same time there was a barbershopper in Australia, John Newell (lead), perfecting his craft. John is a two time AAMBS (Australian Association of Men’s Barbershop Singers) quartet champion (1999 / 2001) withSouthern Cross (lead). He is also the first Society affiliate Barbershopper (off continent) gold medalist.

A few years later young tenor Tim Broersma was also singing on the International contest stage with Doug, his father. He won his first district quartet championship in 1993 with Milky Way (age 14). He was also active inStudio One, Counterpoint and Bachelor Party.

They would all cross paths and decide to travel this road together as four brothers.

They are not sure who came up with their quartet name. The name Realtime reflects their desire to be “in the moment” when performing. For this group, it appears to be most appropriate.

They held their first rehearsal in March of 2003 and performed for their first show with their home chapter (Greater Vancouver / Gentlemen of Fortune) in May. In 2004 they represented the Evergreen District in Louisville and placed 7th at their first International together. After winning their district championship they went on the Salt Lake City and won gold in only their second International.

Well, even though the contest part of their story ended they continue to produce top-notch CDs and entertain audiences worldwide.

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