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2006 – Vocal Spectrum

///2006 – Vocal Spectrum
Tenor: Tim Waurick
Lead: Eric Dalbey
Bass: Chris Hallam
Bari: Jonny MoroniIn the closest win in the Society’s 68 year competition history Vocal Spectrum took home the big trophy by singing flawlessly and earning the best score on two of the three sets. Still it was only SIX little itty-bitty points that separated them from the future champion and three time silver medalists Max Q.The youth movement in the Society now has an extraordinary benchmark with these four guys winning the College Quartet Championship (2004) and the International Quartet Championship (2006) after only THREE years as a group.Vocal Spectrum first sang as a one-time educational quartet for a workshop with Francis Howell North High School Men’s Ensembles on January 5th, way back in 2002. They liked what they heard and continued singing after that chance grouping.

They hail from St. Charles, Missouri where all were majoring in different fields of study at Lindenwood University and come from various musical backgrounds, from classical vocal training to jammin’ in rock-n-roll bands.

Tim Waurick (tenor) is the newest member of VS joining in September 2003 replacing original tenor David Cassel. Tim sang in Good Times at International in 2001 and 2003

Eric Dalbey (lead) has sung in many quartets throughout his high school career and became an original member of Vocal Spectrum in 2002.

Jonny Moroni (bari) discovered barbershop through a local public access channel and soon joined the Ambassadors of Harmony (St. Charles, MO) He has gone on to win a total of 5 International Medals with the chorus.

Chris Hallam (bass) sang in select ensembles throughout high school and joined the Ambassadors of Harmony (2004 International Chorus Champions) and has competed at the International contest with them three times.

In addition to performing all over the U.S. as well as singing in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Russia and England, the foursome gets a special kick out of being part of Youth In Harmony Workshops and teaching high school students about barbershop harmony.

They follow in the recent footsteps of Four Voices who won the college gold medals in 1996 and the quartet gold in 2002. Vocal Spectrum is the FIRST quartet to win THREE of the possible 4 gold medals (Collegiate Quartet, Men’s Quartet, and Chorus Medal).

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