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Active Champions

//Active Champions

2019 Signature

Signature Tenor: Paul Saca Lead: Daniel Cochran Bass: Dan Walz Bari: Will Rodriguez Signature took home the gold medal after a week of incredible performances in Salt Lake City in July 2019. Based out of south Florida, Signature has grown to be a crowd favorite with their world-class sound and their heartfelt and soulful deliveries of timeless classics like [...]

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2018 After Hours

Ater Hours Creates Magic in Orlando Tenor: Tim Beutel Lead: Drew Ochoa Bass: Dan Wessler Bari: Bryan Ziegler After Hours began at Bradley University in Peoria, IL in 2007. Peoria natives Tim Beutel (tenor) and Dan Wessler (bass) sang in a quartet with two college friends, and proceeded to capture the 2010 ILL District Quartet Championship. Over the proceeding [...]

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2017 Main Street

Seventh Time's A Charm For Main Street Tenor: Roger Ross Lead: Tony De Rosa Bass: Myron Whittlesey Bari: Mike McGee In 2011 at the International Convention in Kansas City, a quartet based out of Florida named Main Street took the stage and immediately set themselves apart from the crowd. They took many combined years of experience singing together at [...]

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2016 Forefront

Forefront Wins Championship Tenor: Drew Wheaton Lead: Kevin Hughes Bass: Brian O'dell Bari: Aaron Hughes For the third year in a row, the newly crowned Barbershop Harmony Society International Quartet Champion contains a set of brothers, proving yet one more time that when it comes to lock and ring, family does indeed matter. These gentlemen finally took home the coveted prize [...]

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2015 Instant Classic

Instant Classic Makes Huge Leap to Win Championship Tenor: David Zimmerman Lead: Theo Hicks Bass: Kyle Kitzmiller Bari: Kohl Kitzmiller In one of the biggest leaps in ranking in recent memory, Instant Classic jumped from an 8th place finish in 2014 to winning it all in 2015. With a smooth, vibrant, and youthful sound, Instant [...]

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2014 – Musical Island Boys

Musical Island Boys WIN... finally!! Tenor: Jeff Hunkin Lead: Marcellus Washburn Bass: Matt Gifford Bari: Will Hunkin The North American tradition of barbershop harmony became still more global last week in Las Vegas, as two offshore quartets placed in the top five of the world championships. After three consecutive 2nd place Silver Medalists placements Musical [...]

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2013 – Masterpiece

Masterpiece brings home GOLD Tenor: Rob Menaker Lead: Patrick Haedtler Bass: Brett Littlefield Bari: Alan Gordon Three past-champion singers plus a hot young lead combined to bring MASTERPIECE the gold medals in Saturday's world championship competition in Toronto. Singing music ranging from Kathy Mattea's "Where've You Been" to American classics "Tennessee Waltz" and "Sweet Lucy [...]

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2012 – Ringmasters

Ringmasters Makes History Tenor: Jakob Stenberg Lead: Rasmus Krigström Bass: Emanuel Roll Bari: Martin Wahlgren Ringmasters made history in Portland by becoming the very first quartet from a Society affiliate to win the coveted quartet gold medal. Travelling all the way from Stockholm, Sweden, Ringmasters combined virtuosic singing with championship-level entertainment and youthful energy to [...]

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2010 – Storm Front

Storm Front brings down the house in Philly Tenor: Jeff Selano Lead: Jim Clark Bass: Syd Libsack Bari: Darin Drown The comedy quartet Storm Front created plenty of thunderous applause and light-hearted laughter as they won the coveted Gold Medal at the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 2010 International quartet contest Saturday evening at the Pennsylvania Convention [...]

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2009 – Crossroads

Tenor: Fred Farrell Lead: Michael Slamka Bass: Jim Henry Bari: Brandon Guyton Our 2009 champs are men who have won the gold medals once before. They won in convincing fashion in Anaheim, California July 4th week during the 71st International Convention and Contests of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Their total score was 93.7% and 213 [...]

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2008 – OC Times

Tenor: Shawn York Lead: Sean Devine Bass: Cory Hunt Bari: Patrick Claypool Joy, Relief, Pride, Exuberance, Nervousness, Bliss, Apprehension, Release, Elation, Humility, Liberation, Anxiety, Delight, Gratification, Honor What is it like to win International? The 2008 champion OC Times felt ALL these emotions and more. Shawn York (Tenor), Sean Devine (Lead), Patrick Claypool (Baritone), and [...]

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2006 – Vocal Spectrum

Tenor: Tim Waurick Lead: Eric Dalbey Bass: Chris Hallam Bari: Jonny MoroniIn the closest win in the Society’s 68 year competition history Vocal Spectrum took home the big trophy by singing flawlessly and earning the best score on two of the three sets. Still it was only SIX little itty-bitty points that separated them from [...]

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